Types of Injuries Involving the Hands or Wrists


Injuring a hand or wrist can make it difficult to work or take care of your household responsivities and a severe injury could mean having difficulty in caring for yourself. You may need help with simple tasks like washing your hair, getting dressed or picking up objects. There are two main types of hand or wrist injuries Houston:

  • Acute Onset
  • Gradual Onset

Acute Onset Injuries

When people fall, they usually put their hands out to stop themselves from hitting the ground. However, they can severely injure their hands or wrists by damaging bones, ligaments or tendons. Hands and wrists can also be injured in auto accidents or in a forced twisting motion. For children and adults who participate in competitive sports, they can damage their hands or fingers.

Injuries to the hands and fingers need to be treated correctly to avoid potentially life long problems. If not treated correctly, some injuries could result in not being able to correctly use fingers or hands to grip, pick up things and could end a sports career. While breaks to the hands or wrists should be treated immediately, sprains and other damage should be treated within 72 hours.

Gradual Onset Injuries

Chronic or gradual onset injuries to the hands and wrists happen over time and are often the result of arthritis. Inflammation can make it difficult for people with arthritis to grip things, perform tasks involving small objects, such as buttoning a shirt, and it gradually damage bones in the hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a gradual injury which can be treated by wearing splints and/or through surgery.

Symptoms of injuries to the hands or wrists include numbness, tingling and pain. If you’re having these symptoms or notice increasing difficulty using your hands for everyday tasks, you should consult a doctor to get them diagnosed and treated.